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John was raised in Hong Kong, that’s the life he knows.  Cheryl was looking for an adventure and headed over to work there for a year…. to her mother’s dismay, I’m sure, Cheryl still lives in Hong Kong, four years later….she has found her adventure with John.

When I asked how John proposed, they told me this beautiful story about how John had told her they were going to the Four Seasons in Hong Kong for dinner with his co-workers.  They arrived at the hotel and used a room key to access the elevator, not clueing into the fact that dinner quests don’t require a room key, she followed him to a room in the hotel.  When they entered the room, she noticed the view, the flowers, the toiletrees he had lovingly packed up for her along with an overnight bag.  Still not clueing in as John began telling her how thankful he was for her and how much he loved her.   It wasn’t until he got down on his knee that it hit Cheryl: this was it.  He was asking her to spend her life with him.  After saying yes, John pulled out the laptop and had her family on the other end waiting via Skype to hear the news.

Living apart from your family is hard.  Living apart from your family with the support of such a loving considerate person, I’m sure makes the space much easier to manage.

This happened just a few weeks ago, right before their visit.  Here for a summer visit with Cheryl’s family, we squeezed in their Engagement Session before their wedding next fall.

Walking through the Conservation Area with someone who was born and raised in a city such as Hong Kong, you have a new appreciation for the little things, like squirrels.  Mother Nature was putting a bit of a show on for John, we must have seen 10 deer during the course of our walk.  We’re so lucky to live amongst this gorgeous green space.

Enjoy the images you two, it’s already been such a pleasure to get to know you both.

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