Hamilton Photographer | Engagement Session | Felix and Sarah

I could have hung out with these two all day, listening to them tell me their beautiful love story.

I’d met Sarah during a family session last year.  We hit it off and once she was all settled into her newly engaged life, she contacted me to book her wedding photography.  Having not yet met Felix, we agreed to meet early one morning last month for their Engagement Session.  They live in Ottawa and Oriilia and were going to be in town for a few days.  My first sentence to Felix, went something like this: “so it’s sort of illegal, but hey, it’ll be worth it, follow me’.   Hopefully not the worst first impression, however that is yet to be determined.  Especially after we were escorted off of our originally planned shooting location by a rather stern Park Ranger ….It’s always an adventure.

After relocating, we got chatting and continued their session.  Felix and Sarah were completely at ease with each other, so easy and enjoyable to talk to.  I’ll save their love story for their wedding post in the fall but for now, enjoy the images.

Sidenote:  Willow trees are by far my favourite of all trees.


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