Hamilton Photographer | Webster’s Falls | Engagement Session | Brandon and Jessica

I felt as though I already knew Jessica before we met.   We have shared a number of clients over on the wedding side of things.  Everyone’s always raving about how great Jessica at Gray’s Florist is.  Brandon, I did already know.  You probably do too  if you happen to be inclined to the best red meat around. 

Once I finally met Jessica at the beginning of this session, it was all a blur really.  I know this.  I laughed a lot.  You know that laughture where your cheeks are a little sore once it’s all over, just to remind you about how much fun you just had. That kind.

We walked around at Webster’s Falls and chatted.  They giggled about the story of them meeting.  I giggled about how Brandon seemed afraid, I was going to ask him to do something ridiculous.   We laughed about how we had all chosen to run businesses and live in Dundas and our love for this sweet small town.

Enjoy these two, I know I did.




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