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The first time I met Lesley and Dave was a number of years ago, if I could describe them simply, it would be that they are that couple who is up for anything.  They’re ‘yes’ people in all aspects of life.  I have only spent a handful of days with them, but one of those […]

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Mike and Katie had one of the most gorgeous tent weddings I have ever seen, sprinkled with lots of good luck. It was one of those days that forecasted rain all day for the seven days preceding the wedding.  Well, just for the sake of good luck it rained, lets be honest it poured.  However, […]

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Just a few shot weeks ago, a whole bunch of great people gathered in Collingwood to celebrate this beautiful family.  I arrived at the Westin in the village to meet Kirsten who was getting ready in her room.  She was fun, relaxed, behind schedule and not caring at all.  It set the tone for the […]

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Poor Lesley is going to be laughing for the rest of her life … These two are nothing if not a party to be around.   We met at the water in Toronto to capture some Engagement Images and as I expected, it was mostly hilarious. Can’t wait for their wedding next month at the […]

Kirsten and Jayson met with me a while ago and I immediately loved them.  They were fun and funny, easy to get along with – and clearly liked each other.   They just felt like a great fit (for me that is ;)!).   Then I met their two ridiculously adorable children.  I really like […]

As they await the arrival of their newest little one, Vince, Flavia and Milia …

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Jeff and Jamie and Easton – They made it official.  With a brunch wedding a Knollwood, just as unique as the three of them. And while doing so, they looked pretty damn good. Fyi. Don’t invite this kiddo to your wedding, he tends to steal the show 😉 Jeff patiently waiting for the first look […]

I like these people a lot. There’s Dylan and Skye. Dexter and Ruby. And the littlest one on the way.

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When Christine first emailed me about shooting her wedding, she used a great deal of exclamation marks.  Since that day, likely close to a year ago, I’ve gotten to know her a little better and let me tell you: she seems to live life with an exclamation mark.  This girl might be the most up […]

Randomly, I get the urge to stop by this little corner of the internet and share a pretty session.  Today is one of those days. Hudson was just 11 days old for this session – His parents (you may remember them from their wedding:) were totally in love with him and he was the perfect, sleepy newborn. […]



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