When Janelle booked her wedding with me she specified that she was keen for a winter Engagement Session – ‘Lets wait for the snow!’ …. Well, after a few attempts we rescheduled until it became increasingly apparent that the snow and our schedules were just not going to jive.  As in life and marriage, making […]

Poor Lesley is going to be laughing for the rest of her life … These two are nothing if not a party to be around.   We met at the water in Toronto to capture some Engagement Images and as I expected, it was mostly hilarious. Can’t wait for their wedding next month at the […]

I felt as though I already knew Jessica before we met.   We have shared a number of clients over on the wedding side of things.  Everyone’s always raving about how great Jessica at Gray’s Florist is.  Brandon, I did already know.  You probably do too  if you happen to be inclined to the best […]

13 Years later.  These two nature lovers are getting married. It’s going to be a party and only a few short weeks away. Looking forward to it. A few favourites from their Engagement Session

 I’ve known James for a long time.  He is one of the kindest most considerate men I’ve ever met to be honest.  Soft spoken, yet full of life.  He introduced me to Adele a few years ago.  I immediately liked her.  We connected right away.  She’s easy to love actually.  Just as full of life. […]

Ed and Emma.  Just look at them. In love. I loved Ed before I met him, just from the way Emma spoke of him. Then I met him.  He looks at her with affection in his eyes.  That same affection that is heard in her words.  They’ve been together a long time.  Since they were […]

I was sitting in the studio editing, listening to music, questionably too loud for the neighbours liking, waiting for my next clients to come in for a wedding consult.  It was Marie and Gerry.  They walked in as I reached to turn the music down.  Gerry, happened to know what I was listening to.  This […]

I could have hung out with these two all day, listening to them tell me their beautiful love story. I’d met Sarah during a family session last year.  We hit it off and once she was all settled into her newly engaged life, she contacted me to book her wedding photography.  Having not yet met […]

John was raised in Hong Kong, that’s the life he knows.  Cheryl was looking for an adventure and headed over to work there for a year…. to her mother’s dismay, I’m sure, Cheryl still lives in Hong Kong, four years later….she has found her adventure with John. When I asked how John proposed, they told […]

So, if you don’t know already, I’m a big fan of a new location.  Tell me you’re excited about the possibilites and I’ll be there.  Chris and Dana had told me that they would like to have their Engagement Session done at Chris’ family’s farm.  So, I say sure and show up, eagar to look […]