I arrive in Mexico, greeted by a stranger holding a Lindsay Palmer sign, she guides me to a Corona while I await my transportation.  My first sign it was going to be a good week.  A short, quite ride later, I arrive at The Excellence Riviera Cancun and am greeted again.  This time with open […]

 Martin and Steph met briefly almost a decade ago.  They clicked but nothing came of it at the time.  Life happened in-between, as did a couple of sweet little ones {Jemma and Dayton}. A few years ago they found themselves meeting again.  At the suggestion of a mutual friend – They went on a few […]

Dallas and Jenn. Remember these two love birds? A year has passed and I had the pleasure of spending their wedding with them. Enjoy a few of the images.  

Ainsley is an artist with a brush.  Peter an artist with words. Ainsley comes from a family of creatives.  Peter a family of entertainers. Peter runs on Kindness.  Ainsley on Love. This past weekend we celebrated their life together at the Riverbend Inn – Niagara-on-the-Lake with family.  I leave out friends because these two are exceptionally good […]

They had known of each for a few years.  Felix had gone to school with Sarah’s older brother and had caught her eye once or twice.  Fast forward a few years, and a few emails later… they met for a Sunday lunch, which somehow turned into Sunday dinner and a few short seasons later, a […]

Marie and Gerry, you’ll remember from their Engagement Session. They were married outside with the soft sounds of someone playing the guitar, how fitting for them.  Marie’s children walked her down the aisle, she teared up, and so did I actually.  It was beautiful.  They joined their family together and went on to throw a […]

Victoria and Stephen, who you’ll remember from their Engagement Session, were married at the beginning of September on what started out as a beautiful sunny day.  Right up until it wasn’t.  With looming dark clouds, these two wed without fear, on the beautiful grounds of Copetown Woods.  Despite the potential downpour that was about to […]

Chris and Dana who you’ll remember from their Engagement Session.  Might just be the easiest people in the world to spend your day with.  Their wedding day was no exception, it just happen to include the addition of their equally fun families and friends.  I’ve been so lucky to attract such awesome clients. Thank you […]

The story of their first meeting, is one for the movies, or so it is when Adam tells it.  Ashlee debates a few key points, which really alters the story quite a bit… Adam holds true that the facts are the facts. Both agree that when Ashlee moved to London, England four years ago, Adam […]

Clancy and Tyler were married at Ruthven Park, might be one of the prettiest venues of the year.  I love an outdoor wedding, and we all know my thoughts on willow trees.  The location couldn’t have been more perfect just as the rest of the day.  As you know, I met Clancy and Tyler back […]